HEMPSTEAD - Hempstead School District has released a budget outline well-below the state’s cap on tax increases.

Hempstead residents will see a school tax levy increase of just .1 percent, according to the 2016-2017 budget that's posted on the district website for residents to view. 

The one-page document shows cuts to items like 'teaching' and 'pupil transportation,' but there are no specifics listed.  

School Board President Lamont Johnson says the specific details within the $194 million are not yet finalized.

"You have to come May 10 to see what the full budget is going to be," Johnson says. "And if there [are] any cuts."

News 12 has previously reported on the difficulties the district has had in recent years accommodating hundreds of unaccompanied minors who have been placed in Hempstead schools. Johnson says the district needs an influx of cash from Washington to help cover the cost.

"The federal government has to come through," Johnson says. "They have to provide us those funds."