HEMPSTEAD - The Hempstead school district is fighting back after a second school board election and budget vote was marred by allegations of fraud.

While there have been allegations of fraud, misconduct, electioneering and intimidation in the past, this time the claims are coming from the district itself.

As News 12 has reported, the district initially certified the victories of running mates Maribel Toure and Gwendolyn Jackson.

On Wednesday night, the board changed course and decertified their victories.

Hempstead schools attorney Monte Chandler now says an attorney for Toure and Jackson may have swayed voters by showing up at a polling place and making loud accusations for everyone to hear.

Chandler says Keith Corbett also claimed he had a temporary restraining order concerning the election that never actually existed.

Corbett denies the allegations.

The district says it is investigating whether or not there was fraud, and won't certify the election until it figures it out.