HEMPSTEAD - A Latino Hempstead School Board member is firing back after questions were raised about her citizenship ahead of the election next month.

In October, Maribel Toure beat 30-year veteran school board member Betty Cross in a special election after allegations of voter fraud in last May’s elections.

Toure held a news conference today and said it is outrageous that she was falsely accused of not being an American. 

Toure says she became a U.S. citizen in 1996 and showed reporters her passport and voter registration documents. Toure’s attorney calls the false accusations against her bigotry.

Toure says two Betty Cross supporters submitted letters challenging her citizenship. Attorney Fred Brewington says that the school board president wrote letters on school board letterhead to Toure, demanding that she prove her citizenship.

"It is a problem legally, because in this situation, they're using official process for their own political means," says Brewington.