HEMPSTEAD - Students in Hempstead could be heading back to the classroom in a few weeks without a superintendent.

School board members say they are looking for the state Education Department to issue a waiver allowing new interim Superintendent Fadhilika Atiba-Weza to continue collecting his upstate pension while also drawing a salary in Hempstead.

In a recent letter to the Hempstead School Board, Nassau BOCES district Superintendent Robert Dillion said he wouldn't even submit the application for a waiver to the state, saying, "All certified non-retired candidates for the position must first be considered."

The letter goes on to say that there were 15 other candidates vying for the position, some who wouldn't require a waiver and were just as qualified.

Board member Melissa Figueroa said that she believes Dillion has his own agenda.

"Mr. Dillon was not happy with our decision to bring in Mr. Atiba. Instead he would like to recommend that we interview his own handpicked candidate," she told News 12 Long Island.

Dillon has not yet returned a call to comment about Figueroa's claim.