HEMPSTEAD - Hempstead's mayor called on the community to end the so-called "code of silence" among possible witnesses in regard to the shooting death of 12-year-old Dejah Joyner.

The seventh-grader was at home eating dinner Friday night when a bullet came through a window and struck her in the head. She died the next day.

There have not yet been any arrests.

"There's no outrage," says Mayor Wayne Hall. "Every time a young life is taken, there should be an outrage."

Hall says he wants to squash the idea of "snitches get stitches," a credo that implies witnesses would meet harm after talking to police.

"Someone out there knows,” Hall says. “They know who did this.”

Mayor Hall also says that he is renaming the street where Dejah lived after her.

Members of the community held an event titled “Evening of Outrage” at Village Hall Tuesday night. More than 200 people attended.

A wake for Dejah is scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday at Union Baptist Church. It will be immediately followed by her funeral.