HEMPSTEAD - Students at Hempstead High School told News 12 that confusion over class schedules continued for a second day Wednesday.

As News 12 reported Tuesday - the first day of the school year - students say they were ordered into the auditorium for hours to wait for their schedules. The auditorium became the scene of a fight that was captured on a cellphone video.

When News 12 asked senior Pedro Garcia what his class schedule looked like, he responded "It's blank. They just gave me a blank sheet of paper and said I have to wait until they build me a schedule."

Hempstead School Board President Lamont Johnson says the lack of schedules for students is "unacceptable."

"We're going to hold people accountable for the students not getting their schedules in a timely manner," says Johnson.

The district says 457 students registered less than two weeks before school started. They say some students were still in the process of registering Wednesday, which they say has caused some of the scheduling issues.

The Hempstead school district is being closely monitored by the state. If there are no improvements this year, state education officials will take over.