HEMPSTEAD - A Hempstead family has been reunited with their long lost dog.
<p>The Yorkshire terrier, named Coby, was snatched from 3-year-old Omar Ayala a year ago.
<p>Omar's mother, Karen Ayala, began a desperate search for the dog, including putting up signs and posting a plea for help on Facebook.
<p>On Monday, the Ayalas got a phone call saying that the dog was at an animal hospital in Freeport.
<p>However, the the 5-pound animal was badly injured, and had third-degree burns on 30 percent of its body.
<p>Veterinarian Dr. Douglas Wyler says Coby was malnourished and close to death. He believes someone poured hot water or oil on the dog's body to cause the burns.
<p>Impressed by the dog's relentless spirit, Dr. Wyler decided to give the family a Christmas gift they'll never forget: he is treating the dog for free.
<p>Karen Ayala says she is thankful because her son was just diagnosed with kidney disease and they can't afford to pay more medical bills.</p>