HEMPSTEAD - The Hempstead Town Board approved a ban Tuesday prohibiting the use of drones at town facilities, including parks, beaches and golf courses, citing safety and privacy concerns.

Hempstead Town officials did allow a provision where people who want to fly drones on town property can apply for a permit. It must be applied for 15 days prior to the date of use, and the user must have an insurance policy.

A group of drone enthusiasts who spoke at Hempstead Town Hall said there are a lot of misconceptions about drones.

"The public has been led to believe these cameras are used for spying, which they're not even capable of doing," said Anthony Anzalone, of Lynbrook. "These cameras cannot zoom. They are strictly wide-fixed, wide-angled lenses. They're only good for landscape photography."

They also argued that the ban is unnecessary, because drones are already regulated by the federal government.