HEMPSTEAD - Tenants of several apartment buildings in Hempstead claim they are living in unsafe conditions.

Florine Suratt, who has lived at 400 Fulton Ave. in Hempstead for seven years, says the elevator in the building is out of service frequently. Suratt uses a walker due to several health issues, making it hard to get around the building.

Tenants in the building also say a sprinkler system in the building failed on certain floors during an electrical fire last month.

The Fulton Avenue apartment is one of four buildings in the area where community members say the landlords are jeopardizing the health and safety of their tenants.

Ben Britton, of Communities for Change, says 40 West Columbia St. has several code violations that have not been addressed, including broken scaffolding and leaking water.

"The landlord has chosen to pay fines rather than do the repairs," says Britton.

The landlord for 40 West Columbia St. denied the allegations and says there are presently no violations against him.

A Village of Hempstead spokesman says a special prosecutor had to be hired two years ago to address 113 violations in the apartment complex. It resulted in $27,000 in fines.

The spokesperson says many of the fines are outstanding and will be dealt with in court.