WOODBURY - Millions of cell phones, tablet computers and laptops are stolen or lost every year, but now consumers are fighting back with the help of technology.

Amid the myriad of frivolous applications offered to smartphone users, there are security apps that help track a device that has been lost or stolen using GPS or the WiFi location service.

The apps can also disable or wipe data off the missing device at the user's command.

Lance Ulanoff, the editor-in-chief of Mashable.com, says some of these security apps can even take a photo of the suspected thief.

As News 12 Long Island reported yesterday, an iPad owner lost his tablet in a cab, but was able to remotely lock and track it down, resulting in the arrest of the taxi driver who allegedly "lifted" the device.

"People who want to take this stuff, they better remember that it's really not a dumb device that they are picking up," Ulanoff says. "It knows where it is, and it can tell on you."