MASTIC BEACH - Long Island veteran Kimberly Gilbreath and her daughter will soon have a place to call their own after years of being homeless.

The soon-to-be Mastic Beach resident served for many years in the Army Reserve, but has long been without a home of her own. She and her daughter had received support from her parents, and now, Habitat for Humanity is building a home for them.

Most of the materials needed to build the home were donated, and other costs were picked up by co-sponsors like National Grid, Brookhaven National Laboratory and Bank of America.

Gilbreath is a member of Habitat, and as part of an agreement she will serve 300 hours of "sweat equity," helping other veterans and those without homes. She says she's excited and can't wait to move in next spring.

Gilbreath’s 12-year-old daughter Ryan says she's very thankful and happy that they will finally have a place to call home.