OCEANSIDE - The frustrated owners of a new fitness club in Oceanside say they have already received a bill from National Grid that they believe to be a mistake.

Rounds Elite Fitness owners Rebecca Blue and Eloy Santos say National Grid is trying to bill them thousands of dollars for gas they did not use. The business venture quickly turned from excitement to exasperation when they went to work last week to discover the notice saying that their gas would be shut off until they pay more than $4,000.

Santos at first thought the bill was a simple misunderstanding, but he says all National Grid gave him was a big runaround.

"We have so little time and so much to do before we open and now we have another problem to deal with," Blue said.

The owners believe that the charges come from another National Grid customer, but somehow ended up on the account they set up in March after signing their lease.

Santos says that all he wants is a fresh start with National Grid, and to only pay what he is responsible for. "I'm not willing to pay for anybody's mistakes," he says. "I don't even have the money. It's the principle, too."

National Grid says it will look into the issue and reach out to the gym owners.