WOODBURY - The mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, has reignited the debate over gun control laws.    

Joyce Gorycki, whose husband was killed by Colin Ferguson on a Long Island Rail Road train, helped fight for the current gun control laws in New York. She says nothing will change until the rest of the country catches up.

"The NRA fights us on this, and if the NRA is giving contributions to the politicians, we're never going to get anywhere," says Gorycki.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R – Shirley) says an immediate call for stricter gun control laws is not the answer.  

"The answer is understanding that there is a very, very serious mental health challenge that we face here in this country," Zeldin told News 12. "Our country can be doing so much better than we are right now to treat Americans with mental health disorders."

Democratic Reps. Kathleen Rice and Steve Israel say Congress should do both.

"We can't allow people who go untreated to have unrestricted access to guns, to be able to go to any gun show in America and buy a gun without a background check," says Rep. Israel.