RIVERHEAD - The Long Island chapter of ‘Guardians of the Children’ biker group says it is not afraid of anyone who would abuse children.

The national motorcycle organization is a group of volunteers who show up to court in full biker gear when there is a case involving child sex abuse or domestic violence.

A founding member, whose road name is Voo Doo, says she started the organization after her sister was sexually abused decades ago. Since then, the organization has spread to 37 chapters throughout 17 states.

They say they will never approach a victim or a family directly but want to be in court to show strength and support. The group has been commissioned in the past to watch over homes and even escort children to school.

“All of us are good people from different backgrounds and we want to see justice served,” says one member.

The group was in Riverhead Tuesday to show support during a case, but the court appearance wound up not happening.

No one in the group is licensed to counsel children or families and every member goes through a federal background check before entering the organization.