RIVERHEAD - The Guardian Angels are preparing to patrol the streets of Riverhead within the next two weeks in an effort to fight back against gang activity.

The call for the anti-crime organization comes after several robbery attacks on Hispanic men in the last 18 months. There was also a shooting in nearby Greenport that allegedly involved rival gang members from Riverhead.

Police Chief David Hegermiller says the Guardian Angels may be able to help combat the gang problem and help communicate with Latinos in the community.

Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa met with Hegermiller Tuesday to discuss areas that have become a hotbed for gang activity. The organization has been patrolling Greenport since December.

People who live in Riverhead told News 12 they are happy knowing that they will have these Guardian Angels watching over them.

Sliwa says the group will also be recruiting people interested in becoming members of the Guardian Angels.