WOODBURY - Long Island school superintendents and parent groups urged state lawmakers on Thursday to suspend controversial new teacher evaluations for one year.

The measure was passed as part of the state budget.

It requires nearly 50 percent of teacher evaluations be based on student test scores from state exams.

"It seems to be rather obvious that we need to do something much more than put a Band-Aid on the problem," said Greenport-Southold Schools Superintendent David Gamberg. "That's what we keep doing."

Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed for a law that denies increased state aid to schools that fail to adopt teacher evaluations based more heavily on test scores. Parent groups say that puts teachers in a tough spot, and their kids end up losing out on a quality education.  

There are bills in both the Senate and the Assembly that would delay implementation of the new evaluation system, but time is running out.  

The state Legislature ends its session June 17.