EAST HAMPTON - An East End environmental group is hoping that a piece of equipment will help take a bite out of the algae that is choking the Georgica Pond.

The group Friends of Georgica Pond is working with East Hampton town officials to clean up the Georgica Pond. Tyler Arms, an East Hampton trustee, says he grew up kayaking and swimming in the pond, but now the 290-acre pond is covered with brown scum caused by macro algae dying and floating on the surface.

Town officials have now leased a piece of equipment that can help clean up the thick algae. The machine can pick up more than 20,000 pounds of algae a day.

"The area of the most extensive growth of algae is the small creeks and coves of the pond where the water is warmer and more shallow," says Sara Davison, of the Friends of Georgica Pond. 

Arms says using the equipment to help get rid of the algae is just part of the solution.