GREENPORT - A PSEG Long Island plan to bring more power to Shelter Island is not sitting well with residents of Greenport.

PSEG wants to use the Village of Greenport as a right-of-way to construct a new 13-kilovolt electric cable to Shelter Island.

The cable path would begin at a PSEG substation on Sills Lane and Route 25. It would run east to Fifth Street, then south to the Bay and across to Shelter Island.

Some Greenport residents say they have just heard about the proposed cable plan from the Village Board.

"The residents have been concerned about the lack of transparency and a lack of information coming from the board," says Ralph Edwards.

Many told News 12 they don't want the noise, the excavation and the high power cable running through their properties.  

PSEG would pay the village $1.2 million for repaving. Greenport residents say PSEG isn't offering enough compensation for a project they don't even need. The village has had their own power company since 1887.

In a statement, PSEG says, "Our mission is to provide all of our customers with safe, reliable and resilient energy. This project ensures that Shelter Island has the redundant cable that it needs for its ongoing reliability while providing Greenport with easements that will mitigate the temporary inconveniences that may occur."

Village of Greenport Mayor George Hubbard says no agreement has been signed yet. He says if the cable deal can be worked out, he would expect the work to take place during the winter.