GREENPORT - Greenport is trying to come up with a way to cope with ferry traffic.

Ferry traffic has been a problem in Greenport for years. Wiggins Street is a one-way street, to hold traffic waiting to board the ferry. The village says making it a two-way street could unclog summer and weekend traffic.

Wiggins Street was turned into a one-way street back in 2001 to relieve congestion and traffic, but many now believe that it should be turned back into a two-way street.

"At least when traffic exits the ferry, they have another option than going up Third Street to the traffic light and they could also use Wiggins Street to access the road to the west of this spot," says Police Chief Martin Flatley.

Some residents on Wiggins Street say two-way traffic would ruin their neighborhood, however.

"It would mean that the front of my house is probably going to be choked with traffic - I probably can't park on this street," says Ron Nelson.

To change traffic patterns requires permission not only of Greenport, but also the LIRR, whose property is nearby, and Suffolk County.

A final decision may not be made until later this year. A public hearing on the two-way street proposal is scheduled for May 26 in Greenport.