GREAT NECK - Great Neck has topped a list of New York spots where husbands and wives are more likely to cheat on each other. Extramarital dating website says three in 100 Great Neck adults log on to the site, looking for someone to have an affair with. According to their new survey, more people are logging on and looking for extramarital love in Great Neck than anywhere else in the New York metropolitan area. One other Long Island town that made the top 10 list is Garden City. The site's CEO suggests there's a correlation between success and having sex with someone who's not your spouse. News 12 Long Island talked to 20-year divorce attorney Jonathan Kroll, whose clients are mostly from Garden City. When he's not working, he lives in Great Neck. He says the site is considered a little more upscale, which may be why these wealthier neighborhoods are looking at this particular extramarital dating website, as opposed to other ones.