SEAFORD - Residents who turned out to take a Sunday stroll by the water at a Seaford park were baffled this morning to find graffiti had been scrawled all over a concrete wall.

Police say park employees discovered the vandalism this morning at Seamans Neck Park. Vandals used silver, black, red and blue spray paint to write all over the concrete walls of the park's handball courts.

Investigators say the writing does not contain any hateful messages, but it's still offensive to some residents who say it obscures the park's beauty.

"I think it looks like garbage," says Mike Nathan, a local father. "It's offensive just being up in general."

The vandals also sprayed paint onto some residential fences outside of the park, along Marina Park Drive.

Officials in the Town of Hempstead say they will begin cleanup at the park as soon as Nassau police complete their investigation.