WOODBURY - Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not yet stepped in to try to settle the dispute between the MTA and Long Island Rail Road labor unions, which may cause a rail-wide strike on July 20.

The rationale that Gov. Cuomo used for not intervening is that the contracts of LIRR workers are governed by what's called the Federal Railway Labor Act. For that reason, he says it's more appropriate for Congress to step into the dispute.

State Sen. Kemp Hannon (R – Garden City) was one of the state senators who called on the governor to try to resolve the impasse. He said Gov. Cuomo, who's up for re-election this November, may be trying to avoid putting his stamp on any deal that may later be viewed negatively by the public.

Political analyst Jerry Kremer says there's still plenty of time for Gov. Cuomo to step in.

“It's early for any statewide politician. They go down to the wire on events like this and this is one that's going to go down to the last minute, to the last hour,” Kremer told News 12.

Gov. Cuomo says Congress can order a settlement or order mediation. Others say getting Congress to take action on a Long Island Rail Road strike is highly unlikely.