SEAFORD - Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a stop in Seaford Wednesday to tout the state's property tax cap, which he is considering making permanent.

The governor says the 2 percent cap implemented in 2011 has "changed the trajectory of the state."

Gov. Cuomo called on lawmakers to extend the tax cap that expires this year. The governor supports making it permanent.

He says the cap has saved the average Nassau homeowner nearly $2,000 since it began. He says Suffolk residents have seen more than $1,500 in savings.

"We need the Legislature to renew the cap this year. If they don't renew it, it's off and you'll see those taxes go through the roof," said Gov. Cuomo.

Along with the governor, Senate Republicans also support making the cap permanent. Assembly Democrats did not say where they stand, only commenting that it was "not an urgent issue."

State lawmakers end their 2015 session in two weeks.