OLD WESTBURY - Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) arrived in Old Westbury today to announce a new billion-dollar plan aimed at creating jobs.

Long Island was the latest stop for Cuomo as he travels across the state talking about the creation of 10 regional councils.

Each council will propose plans to create jobs within its region, and then compete for $1 billion in state funds to carry them out.

"What we're looking for are regional plans that are sustainable, that are long-term and that are based on a public-private sector partnership that's going to produce jobs," Cuomo says.

Long Island Association President Kevin Law will co-chair Long Island's council and will help decide what job-creation plans to pitch to the state.

"I think we'll be a step ahead of the rest of the state because we have been working together on some good economic development plans for the past several years," Law says.

Members of the Long Island council say they plan to recommend about a dozen projects for state approval.

The plans must be submitted by November, and the state will start giving out money a month later.

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