HICKSVILLE - Gov. Andrew Cuomo released a statement Thursday admitting that the Common Core program needs to be fixed.

As News 12 previously reported, the controversial program has been a major headache for many parents and educators on Long Island.

In the statement, Cuomo says while he supports the goals of Common Core, the system is not working in New York State. He announced that he will authorize members of a commission to figure out a way to fix it.

"The time has come for a comprehensive review of the implementation of the Common Core Standards, curriculum, guidance and tests in order to address local concerns," says Cuomo. "I am taking this action not because I don't believe in standards, but because I do."

While some Long Islanders are pleased to hear that Cuomo is acknowledging the need for change, others say the governor is part of the problem, not the solution.

"We're now into complete and utter disaster that needs to be scrapped, not fixed," says Jeanette Deutermann, the chief organizer of the Long Island Opt-Out movement.  "We are certainly not going to give him credit for fixing what he has put himself in."