ALBANY - Gov. Andrew Cuomo touted the success of New York's property tax cap and boasted of improving employment numbers in his State of the State address Wednesday in Albany.

The governor also touched on the state's strict gun laws, which he says place New York at the forefront of gun safety.

"We were right when we passed common sense gun safety laws," Cuomo said. "Since Sandy Hook, when we passed our gun control law, we have had fewer gun deaths in the state of New York."

The governor was referring to a school massacre in Connecticut that reignited the national debate about gun control in 2012.

Other topics included ethics reform -- a hot issue in the wake of the felony convictions of the state's two most powerful legislators. He proposed reforming public campaign financing and limiting outside income for lawmakers.

"Today legislators work at law firms or business that pose real or potential conflicts," Cuomo said. "I propose we adopt a congressional system of limiting outside income for legislators."

During the speech, state Assemblyman Charles Barron, a fellow Democrat from New York City, heckled the governor, who took it in stride before continuing. Barron left the room shortly thereafter.

State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan delivered the Republican response. 

He outlined his party's desire to eliminate the Gap Elimination Adjustment - a law that withheld from school districts when the state had a massive budget gap during the recent recession.

Long Island districts have been hit hard and still owe more than $100 million.

The Northport Republican told News 12 that the GOP-led Senate will only go along with a budget if that money is completely restored on top of school aid districts normally get.