LONG BEACH - A campaign ad from Gov. Andrew Cuomo is getting a strong reaction from Superstorm Sandy victims who are still not back in their homes.

The ad states that the governor did all that he promised to do for Sandy victims.

Debbie Gialanze, of Long Beach, applied to New York Rising in March 2013 but says her case is at a standstill. She told News 12 that she would like to see the governor back in her neighborhood to see her gutted home.

“I would really like to get him to come here and see what his program has done for my family so far...Nothing. Absolutely nothing,” she said.

The governor's office told News 12 that the New York Rising program has doled out more than $315 million so far to more than 6,000 Long Island homeowners.

News 12 called New York Rising to find out exactly how many Long Island applications are still pending. They said there is no figure because it's an, "ever changing number."

Jon Kaiman, the head of New York Rising, did say each of the 20,000 applications that the group received will have at least their first inspection between July 1 and July 31.