FRANKLIN SQUARE - A Sept. 11 first responder from Franklin Square who had her wheelchair ramp stolen last weekend can now go outside again thanks to the help of some generous neighbors. As News 12 Long Island reported, following the theft, Kerry Albue was left without a way to get off her front porch. Albue says it was about five years after working at Ground Zero that she began to experience difficulty breathing. She was later diagnosed with four embolisms in her lungs, a brain tumor and rheumatoid arthritis, which have left her wheelchair-bound. When builder Robert Eprifania, of Nero Construction, heard about Albue's plight, he offered to build her a new ramp and even redo her porch. Eprifania also presented Albue with a check for $2,100 so she can purchase a mobile ramp for her car.Advocate John Feal's foundation for Sept. 11 first responders donated Albue another wheelchair ramp and $500. Albue says a News 12 Long Island viewer by the name of Kathleen Box also sent her a check for $750.