PLAINVIEW - A passing motorist became a hero yesterday morning when he helped rescue residents from a massive house fire in Plainview.

Neighbors called 911 when they spotted smoke billowing from the Karen Avenue home, but before fire crews could arrive, a passing motorist stopped to help.

Frank Archipolo tells News 12 Long Island that he stopped his car, ran to the house and spotted a woman and a man standing near the front door. Archipolo says he helped the woman down from the porch and asked her if there was anyone else in the home.

The woman told him that her daughter was still inside, so Archipolo entered. He says that as he did, the woman's daughter came toward him. He helped her out, and the family's dog escaped as well.

Firefighters from five departments were able to extinguish the flames after several hours.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Neighbors say they heard an explosion of some sort shortly before the fire.