GLEN COVE - Many of the cats found abandoned in cages in the woods in Sands Point last week are being nursed back to health at the Animal Lover's League in Glen Cove.

Seventy cats were found hidden in the Sands Point Preserve in cages without food or water.

Nearly 50 cats at the shelter are getting complete health checkups and lots of food and water.

"I've never seen cats dive in to bowls of water and just drink and drink and drink and then they piled into the food," says Joan Phillips of the animal league.

The other 20 cats found abandoned were taken to the North Shore Animal League.

Officials at the shelter say that many of the cats will be available for adoption next weekend at the Petco in Glen Cove from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Dozens of caged cats found at Nassau preserve