CORAM - A New York Giants fan from Long Island ended up missing the parade in Manhattan today after being arrested early this morning for allegedly driving while intoxicated.

Police say 25-year-old Emily Hindman, of Mount Sinai, was spotted driving erratically on Village Drive in Medford at around 2 a.m. When officers attempted to pull her over, they say Hindman led them on a 7-mile chase to Coram in her Toyota SUV, which had "Let's Go Giants" written all over it.

Authorities say Hindman was traveling at about 65 mph as she sped across Southaven Drive up Route 112 and then to Route 25. According to officials, they put down spiked stop sticks, giving the Mount Sinai woman two flat tires, but that failed to stop her.

Inspector Aristides Mojica, of the Suffolk County Police Department, says when police managed to surround Hindman on Wilson Avenue, she slammed into a squad car twice.

Police say they found a small amount of cocaine on Hindman and inside her SUV. Hindman is expected to be arraigned tomorrow on several charges, including criminal possession of a controlled substance, unlawfully fleeing from police and operating a vehicle while impaired.