BRENTWOOD - Gas station workers in Brentwood rallied Wednesday against what they called unfair businesses practices.

Workers rallied against Steven Keshtgar, who owns nearly 30 gas stations across Long Island. They allege that he delayed their pay and made them work long hours and extended weeks without a break or a day off.

Anita Halasz, of Long Island Jobs with Justice, called the allegations against Keshtgar "modern-day slavery."

Many workers at the gas station are South Asian and Nepali immigrants. They say they depend on the money they make to send to their families in their home countries.

Keshtgar was unavailable to speak with News 12. His attorney claims paychecks were issued, but says a general manager withheld the checks from the employees. He says the general manager has since been fired.

Keshtgar's lawyer says the workers' checks cannot be reissued because his client's companies have filed for bankruptcy. The gas station workers say they are now weighing their options on what to do next.

The gas station owner has been accused of withholding wages in the past. The U.S. Labor Department filed a lawsuit against him in 2007 and a judge ordered Keshtgar to pay back wages from 2005-2007.