GARDEN CITY PARK - For decades, a man put his life on the line every day fighting for some of the biggest fires in New York City and then volunteering to do the same on Long Island.

Today, hundreds of friends and fellow firefighters join Tom Regan?s family to pay their respects to the 82-year-old veteran who was killed in the line of duty. Regan had been hospitalized since Jan. 26 after fracturing his neck when slipping on ice in front of his home. Regan was on his way to the firehouse that day to respond to a carbon monoxide alarm. Regan fought for weeks but died yesterday at Saint Francis Hospital.

A 38-year member of the New York City fire department and a 34-year member of the Garden City Park Fire Department, Regan most recently served as a fire safety officer that secures fire scenes. Regan leaves behind his wife of more than 50 years, three children and 11 grandchildren.