BRENTWOOD - Residents of Brentwood are furious about the garbage that's being trucked into their neighborhood, and some opponents say it amounts to discrimination.

Dozens of homeowners rallied with state Assemblyman Phil Ramos outside ELM Global Logistics today. Earlier this summer, the site was designated by the DEC as a temporary garbage transfer station despite objections from the community. Summer garbage from the East End was to be compacted there, loaded onto railcars and sent to Kentucky.

"We as a community are tired of being dumped on," Ramos said at today's rally. "We stand united to prevent any further dumping."

Demonstrators say it's not only the garbage that has them fed up, but the continual flow of trucks in and out of the facility, bringing noise, traffic and and a foul odor. Back in July, there were angry exchanges between demonstrators and truckers who were hauling garbage, adding fuel to the community outrage.

"It's always brought upon us," says resident Ana Martinez. "Brentwood always gets the bad end of the stick, and we need to stop that."

Ramos says he's been assured by the DEC that the garbage transfer permit will not be permanent, but he's asking the town to do something about the growing heavy truck traffic on the residential street.

The town of Islip declined to comment on the charges of "environmental racism." The DEC says it has no plans for a permanent garbage processing center at the site.