WOODBURY - The suspect in a Nassau officer's slaying was out on parole when he allegedly went on a shooting rampage, raising serious questions about shortcomings in the legal system.Darrell Fuller is charged with gunning down police officer Arthur Lopez and Raymond Facey. His rap sheet includes a conviction for attempted murder, and he was out on parole after serving time on a separate drug charge. Could the parole board have been tougher on Fuller, considering his past? "I think there is such a temptation when a police officer is killed to say things should have gone differently," law professor Richard Klein says. "I think that normal practices were adhered to." Klein says it's too soon to say whether this case will or even should lead to any changes in the legal system. He did say, however, that he feels the parole system is overburdened with cases. But a spokesman for the state Department of Corrections rejected that. "To say this individual's actions are related to a broader picture is irresponsible," the spokesman said. "We have dedicated professionals keeping our communities safe." Fuller's parole conditions included employment, drug testing and no drinking or driving. State corrections officials say he was required to report to the parole office every two weeks. They refused to release other details because of confidentiality requirements. State officials didn't say how many cases Nassau County parole officers carry, but insisted that the system is not overburdened.Suspected cop killer to be formally charged at arraignmentEx-con accused in officer's death has lengthy record