HOLTSVILLE - While Long Island drivers wait in hours-long lines to get gasoline, tanker drivers are waiting in long lines of their own so they can deliver gas to local stations. Truckers say they are waiting hours at the Holtsville fuel terminal to pick up a 12,000-gallon load, enough to fill a single gas station. The truckers say that the terminal is rationing fuel and is running slowly because of an ethanol shortage. Ethanol is a chemical required by the Environmental Protection Agency to be mixed with gasoline to reduce emissions. Haulers say the shortage has cut the amount of gas that could otherwise be delivered in half. The Long Island Gas Retailers Association (LIGRA) says the ethanol shortage is among the biggest problems the local gas industry is facing right now. LIGRA wants the federal government to temporarily suspend the ethanol requirement, and has asked Gov. Andrew Cuomo to relay the request to federal officials.

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