LEVITTOWN - A Levittown man frustrated by all the potholes in the neighborhood decided to fix them himself. 

Bobby Fitzgerald tells News 12 he filled a half-dozen craters in the area using sand and a shovel. 

Fitzgerald says he feels highway crews were neglecting the area. 

The Town of Hempstead has since refilled the potholes and says Fitzgerald violated town ordnances by doing it himself. Officials say using anything but proper asphalt is potentially dangerous to motorists.

“It is not a safe thing to do. It is not a smart thing to do and it’s counterproductive,” said Mike Deery, Town of Hempstead’s spokesman.

The town says it will not fine Fitzgerald, who admits he was wrong to fill the potholes himself. He added that something needed to be done.

“If I don't do it, then it’s only going to get worse,” Fitzgerald told News 12.

The Town of Hempstead says it used 90 tons of asphalt this month to fill potholes.