FREEPORT - A mother in Freeport is demanding answers after she says her 3-year-old daughter missed her bus stop and was left sleeping on board.

After pre-K at Freeport's Columbus Avenue School, Monci is supposed to get off the bus at her baby sitter's house. But Friday, the baby sitter says Monci did not get off the bus at her stop.

The baby sitter figured Monci may have fallen asleep on board and asked the driver from the Baumann Bus Company to check. She says the driver refused and only called out Monci's name.

The baby sitter says the driver refused to let her on the bus and drove off without checking the seats.

The bus company says Monci was found sleeping in her seat during a check of the bus after the other students were dropped off. The driver then drove her back to the baby sitter's house without incident. Monci's mother, Jenny Hernandez, says an hour passed before she knew where her child was.

"They need to talk to the driver. They need to apologize," says Hernandez. "They need to change the policy. If it happened to my daughter, it can happen to anybody."

The company tells News 12 Long Island that the driver followed procedure, adding that the child was never left alone on the bus.

Baumann Bus tells News 12 that its safety department will do its own internal investigation to find out what happened. The company says the driver that day was not the usual driver on that route.