FREEPORT - Freeport is banning food donations from a local charity in some low-income housing.

Harvest for the World has distributed free food to seniors for the past five years, according to its founder, Joanna Bell-Richards.

The Freeport Housing Authority sent her a letter ordering her to stop because some residents have complained that her food is not up to snuff.

Officials say they've seen food allegedly provided by Harvest for the World as many as 30 to 90 days after its expiration date.

Residents have also complained of bugs or worms inside the donations.

Bell-Richards denies the allegations. She says her food is fine and that the Housing Authority's move is detrimental to the low-income tenants she was assisting.

Some residents opposed to move, telling News 12 that Bell-Richards has been a positive force in their lives.

Bell-Richards says she will continue to make food donations, but that it will have to happen elsewhere.