FREEPORT - A Freeport family says they were hit with a flood of problems that they hadn't expected after purchasing and installing an inflatable pool in their backyard.

Sharma Suckoo says her son saved all of the cash and gift cards he received on his birthday to buy the above-ground pool, which measures 16 feet in diameter and 42 inches deep. Village Mayor Robert Kennedy says any pool deeper than two feet requires a permit and a fence surrounding the entire pool. He also says under New York state law, there must be a pool alarm.

Water safety experts told News 12 Long Island you should check your town or village's rules and regulations before installing a pool. They say regardless of the size of the pool, it can pose dangers.

Suckoo says the family will take down the pool on Saturday. She says they have their sights set on installing a much bigger pool, this time with the proper permit.

If you are a Freeport resident and have a concern about a pool, you're asked to call the Building Department at 516-377-2200.