FREEPORT - Freeport Police Department officials and the Nassau County district attorney announced an expanded body camera program for police officers yesterday.

Freeport Village Mayor Robert Kennedy says they will become the first municipality on Long Island to issue what he calls a "full deployment" of body cameras across its police department at no cost to taxpayers. The Nassau County District Attorney’s Office is using asset forfeiture funds from criminal cases to pay for the cameras.  

"It will help the residents feel safer in the event of any incident that happens, and it will also be out there to protect our police officers when accusations are made," Kennedy told News 12.

Critics of the program say body cameras can create privacy concerns for police. Nassau PBA President James Carver says he does not expect to see a similar program initiated in the Nassau County Police Department.  

"At this time, the Nassau PBA has no position on body cameras, but they are not coming to the Nassau County Police Department anytime soon," said Carver.