BOHEMIA - A freelance photographer was arrested by Suffolk police Friday evening for filming a police investigation, and the photographer insists he was within his rights as a member of the news media.

Cameraman Phil Datz says he arrived at the scene on Sycamore Avenue in Bohemia after hearing what sounded like a high-speed chase over his police scanner. As he began filming, a police seargent approached him and demanded he leave. Datz then moved nearly two blocks away and resumed shooting. Datz says he had every right to be filming, especially since the street was open to traffic and pedestrians and there was no crime scene tape up.

"I'm trying to be respectful of them doing their job. I made every effort to stay out of the way and go as far away as possible," said Datz. However, the same officer then drove up in his squad car and placed Datz under arrest.

Suffolk police officials declined to comment, but released a statement saying they're "reviewing the circumstances surrounding the arrest."

For extended footage of Datz's arrest, check out Channel 612.