HICKVSILLE - A Long Island resident is being credited with finding the apparent piece of a hijacked Sept. 11 airplane found in New York City last week.

Frank VanBrunt, of Hicksville, was working as a surveyor inspecting a building last Wednesday when he spotted the 5-foot long piece of rusted metal. Officials say they believe it is from the wing of one of the hijacked planes that slammed into the World Trade Center.

"Once I was all the way in the corner, I saw what I thought right away was a piece of the plane," VanBrunt said.

The piece of the Boeing 767 airliner wing was wedged in a sliver of space between a luxury loft rental building and a mosque. The National Transportation Safety Board is working to determine which plane the part came from.

The New York City medical examiner will begin searching the site for possible human remains Tuesday morning. VanBrunt says he hopes the search will help 9/11 families still seeking closure.

"I think that would be great if it did happen," VanBrunt said. "I mean that would be even more important, in my opinion, than finding a piece of the plane."

Police say the plane part will be moved to a more secure location later this week. There's no word yet on where it will go permanently.