BELLPORT - The future of the Fire Island breach carved out by Superstorm Sandy will be discussed in Bellport this coming weekend.

Some homeowners along the South Shore are convinced they have seen an increase in the frequency and severity of flooding in neighborhoods along the Great South Bay since the breach opened.

Some of those residents and elected officials proposed the inlet be closed by the Army Corp of Engineers. That project appears to have stalled in the planning phase.

Marine scientists, environmentalists and members of the fishing industry say that the breach has had a cleansing effect on the Great South Bay, which has led to resurgence in the shellfishing industry.

A new report released by Stony Brook University professor Charlie Flagg says the size of the inlet has stabilized at around 400 square meters. He says it has remained relatively constant for nine months but may have the potential to get bigger.

Flagg says any flooding near Lindenhurst has been caused by increased storm activity and not by the inlet itself.

Sandy’s Silver Lining public forum will be held at Bellport Middle School on Saturday, Dec. 21 at 9:30 a.m.