WOODBURY - A discrimination lawsuit has been filed against the Nassau County Sheriff's Department by four former workers who claim they were denied recommendations for gun permits because they retired with an injury or disability.

According to the suit, without the recommendations - known as "good guy" letters - from the Sherriff's Department, the Nassau County Police Department will not issue the licenses or permits.

The suit was filed by attorney Fred Brewington, who said as many as 50 other officers may wind up joining the class-action case.

"These are not the type of disabilities that place them or anyone else in jeopardy," Brewington told News 12.

Even though they are retired, the officers involved in the suit gave News 12 candid examples of why it is important to them to be able to carry a firearm.

"I had to use force on inmates and force was used against me," said Alexandros Perros.

"I might run into  [a former inmate]  while I'm with my family out in Roosevelt Field Mall," said Victor Patalano. "And they get a little aggressive where they want to get some type of revenge against me."

Perros retired with herniated disk in his back and neck. Patalano had a total hip replacement in 2012.

Perros said all the sub-units within the department approved applications for a gun permit, but the sheriff's department denied them based on the disability.

"We want the same rights that every other retired law-enforcement officer gets," said Patalano.

The Nassau County Sheriff's Department has not returned a call to comment on the case.