MEDFORD - Foreclosure rescue scams are on the rise on Long Island.

There have been 229 complaints of foreclosure rescue scams this year. The nonprofit Long Island Housing Services says the majority of the scams in New York state come from Long Island.

Andrew Schroeder, of Medford, is among the Long Islanders who have been victimized by a foreclosure rescue scam. Schroeder heard about a company in Westbury called the Templeton Group through a radio ad last year. The company promised to lower the mortgage payments on his Medford home. But after filling out the papers and paying the Templeton Group $3,000, he found out the company no longer existed.

Schroeder now says he wants his money back and he wants to prosecute.

The Nassau County District Attorney's Office reports that it has had so many complaints against the Templeton Group that it is now investigating, and officials say that this trend of mortgage scams is just getting worse.