HOLBROOK - A rundown, foreclosed home in Holbrook that was an eyesore to the neighborhood has been cleaned up.

The home is located on Circledale Lane. Residents claim it has been overrun with rats, other wild animals and even teenage squatters.

Now, the home's windows are boarded up and a chain is on the front door -- the work of a crew sent by the mortgage company to remove debris from the property. The crew came shortly after News 12 called the company to ask about residents' complaints.

A Town of Brookhaven spokesperson told News 12 the town took the residents' complaints seriously and issued a so-called "board and secure" order a while back, demanding that the mortgage company lock up the house and make it safe.

The mortgage company apparently did not act on the order until Friday.

News 12 made several attempts to reach an agent at M&M Mortgage Services, but did not yet receive a response.