SEAFORD - Severe flooding was reported Tuesday in some South Shore communities on Long Island.

The flooding was not caused by the weather, but overflowing bulkheads in the bay due to high tides and backed up storm drains.

Niami Street in Seaford was flooded with 3 feet of water Tuesday.

"I'd like to say it's crazy, but it's not. This is normal," said Linda Fainer. "This happens on a regular basis."

Another Seaford resident told News 12 that it would be impossible for an emergency service vehicle to get through the floodwaters in the community. He said poor sewer planning is too blame and that the road needs to be raised to prevent more flooding in the future.

Hempstead Town officials could not say when the problem on Niami Street would be solved.

Bay Park, Island Park and Massapequa also experienced flooding.