BABYLON - A two-part snowstorm is bringing back bad memories of Superstorm Sandy for Long Islanders who live near the water.

Catherine Grottola, of Babylon, is still rebuilding after Sandy flooded her home four months ago. Now, she says she lives in fear whenever a new storm is in the forecast.

"I couldn't go to work because we were trapped," Grottola says. "Since Sandy, this is the fourth time we've been stuck in the house."

It's a similar story in Patchogue, where many are still living in trailers near the bay. Residents say a foot of water flooded streets at high tide today.

The South Shore is supposed to be protected by Fire Island, but experts say Sandy caused a breach in the barrier island that is several hundred feet wide.

They say the breach is letting more water into the bay, leading to more flooding during storms.