ISLAND PARK - Residents of one block in Island Park say the village's infrastructure still isn't up to par three years after Superstorm Sandy, and they say the evidence was streaming down their street on Saturday.

Homeowners on Pershing Place say it used to be an easygoing beachfront block. But a sea wall that was damaged during the 2012 superstorm still hasn't been replaced, and every time it rains, their road turns into a river.

Vacant lots and abandoned homes now litter the end of the block, as water flows over what used to be a sandy beach. It's a tough way to live for the residents who remain.

"We've constantly complained, and we get nowhere," says resident Christopher Noftell.

Noftell acknowledges that people who live by the water accept certain risks. But in this case, he and his neighbors believe there is an easy fix. They've asked the Village of Island Park to replace the sea wall for years now, but to no avail.

"We pay village tax to have village service, and we don't even get service," he says.

In the meantime, he and his neighbors grin and bear it, and even sweep their own street. They say the flooding they saw Saturday from a relatively small coastal storm should not be the new norm.

News 12 reached out to Island Park Mayor Mike Migintee, who says the village is in the process of replacing and rebuilding the sea wall, as well as adding sand. He says the project is being held up by red tape on both the federal and state level.